Commentator make fun of linesman substitution in QPR vs. Swansea match (Video)

Linesman gets substituted

This is another good reason why football is so fun and exciting to watch both live and on TV, as there is always the setting for something horrendous or funny waiting to happen.

Fortunately, this was one of those funny moments which even had the commentators and the winning manager Mark Hughes laugh at it. One of the commentator even went as far as calling the linesman a “cartoon like figure” in reference to the manner in which he was limping due to his injury.

The indecent occur during a live match between Queens Park Rangers and Swansea City when the referee suddenly blew his whistle to stop the game for his injuried compatriot who was unable to complete the 90 minutes and was substituted with the fourth official taking his place.


Ricardo Douglas

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