Europe’s top soccer Leagues

This is my conclusion of the Europe top soccer league. I made my decision based on Competitiveness, top players availability,Champions Leagues success and style of play.

England English Premier League

The Premiership is comprised of the world most gifted talent and continuing to attract more at an astonishing rate due to it fast paced, competitiveness and playing environment. The Premiership rise to the top with the fall of Italy’s Serie A and hasn’t look back since.

Spain La Liga

With the success of  Real Madrid and Barcelona in European competitions in the past see’s La Liga popularity increased and now categorized as the best league going head to head with the Premiership. The style of play is very different from the Premiership whereas in Spain they focus on short passes and retaining ball possession versus England’s long passes, fast passed and the use of the entire pitch.

Italy Serie A

Once renown as the best league on the planet, Italy’s Serie A flourishes with the likes of AC Milan and Juventus carrying their flag high. But due to match fixing scandal and a more defensive style of play the popularity of  Serie A has declined.

German Bundesliga

Known mostly for their physical style of play, the Bundesliga has received its fair share of popularity and fan base, most of which are loyal Germans and rest from Europe . The league standards has risen over the past five years and start competing for top players in Europe and South America to play their trade there.

France League 1

Critized for its over-reliance on defensive style of play and praised for the abundance of young emerging talent see League One balances its popularity in europe. League one is home to many of todays top players who all develop their career in this league. Here are a few Zinedine Zidane,Ronaldinho,Frank Ribery and Theory Henry.

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