The bundesliga love story: One Couple Kiss their way in the Spot light during Live Match

The Bundesliga love story….

Apparently the bedroom of one German couple aren’t big enough to contain their love making so they decide to take it elsewhere; this time a place big enough to hold their entire house or apartment just to satisfy their need for space.

This scene happen during a live Bundesliga match between FC Augsburg and Borussia Dortmund the defending Bundesliga Champions,  when match camera caught the two Augsberg supporters putting on their own halftime show as there weren’t one provided for them.

Take a look at the scenes we put together for you.

Hun können wir nach Hause? (Translation: Hun can we go home?)


Hun, sind Sie sicher? (translation:  Hun, are you sure?


Ich wette, Sie wollen jetzt gehen? (Translate: I bet you want to leave now!)


Oh yeah baby lass uns jetzt verlassen!! (Translation: Oh yeah baby lets leave now!)


Vergessen Sie das Spiel hun lässt get it started!Translation: Forget about the match hun lets get it started!

As much as we would like to bring you part 2 of this story we can’t because this will require us to travel to Germany to find out what happen after this scene and I’m not so sure they will grant us access to finish the story.

So let us know your thoughts!

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