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Ricardo Douglas is the founder and editor of Top-soccer. He likes to keep updated with all things football and like all fans have an opinion.These days you can catch him behind his computer reading his favorite blog or enjoying a live game. Connect with me on Twitter.


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Harvey Mayson is a professional sports writer and artist living in South West Scotland. He began working at his local newspaper in the south of England before going freelance to work on specialist sporting publications He writes for a number of specialist sports sites both at home and abroad including football, horse racing and sports betting sites. He has also covered a wide range of sporting events such as the Paralympic Games, Euro 2012 and the Grand National. Harvey is also well known as an equestrian artist and can be contacted through his website.

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Freelance football journalist based in New York. Primarily support AC Milan as well as the Ghanaian and Italian NT’s, but you’ll find me watching the Bundesliga and Premier League as well–enjoy a good game, regardless of where it’s being played. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of my favourite players.

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Mike Walker is a journalist with work published in Porter Briggs, InSerbia, CroatiaWeek, Slate, San Francisco Chronicle, The Bold Italic, The Coal Hill Review, SEE: A Fortnight in Review and elsewhere. He is also accredited to coach soccer, basketball, and track and field at the high school level in the United States and has coached and administrated youth soccer at the club level. He lives in Florida.